Terms and conditions

Hourly Coaches Agreement
Applicable to: 2019/20 Coaching Staff

Island Swimming Coaches Agreement 2019/2020 Season

Island Swimming Club coaches represent ISC, and your conduct reflects on ISC and its reputation.  You are expected to model behaviour appropriate in your role as a representative of ISC during any ISC-related activities (e.g. coaching, ISC events, attendance at meets).  This expectation also applies to conduct outside of ISC-related activities that might adversely affect ISC’s relationship with other Individuals or athletes, or its image and reputation.  You are expected to be responsible in the use of your authority as a coach and make decisions in the interest of our athletes.

ISC’s expectations of conduct and professionalism are outlined below.

Failure to comply with the obligations set out below constitutes a breach of your employment and grounds for dismissal.


Hourly pay for coaching training sessions and amounts for meets and events is based on the following pay scale. Hourly wages include 4% holiday pay.

Level Hourly Wage   Meet sessions iRace                 

Team Events       

Meetings/ In-services

Volunteer (minumum 15)  N/A  N/A  N/A    N/A  N/A
No certification  $15.00  N/A  $40.00  $30.00  $25.00
WSI Complete  $15.50  $50.00  $45.00  $30.00  $25.00
Level 101 complete  $17.00  $55.00  $45.00  $30.00  $25.00
Level 201 complete  $19.00  $60.00  $50.00  $30.00  $25.00
Level 301 complete  $21.00  $65.00  $50.00  $30.00  $25.00

**Pay increases by $.50/ hour for each full season worked as a coach with ISC.

**Volunteer coaches must be a minimum of 15 years old and have logged at least 25 hours with ISC before being considered for a paid position.


Conduct Obligations


  • Be on deck 15 minutes before the scheduled start of practice.
  • Wear a clean ISC shirt. 
  • Come to practice prepared with a practice written down.
  • Keep monthly group attendance and submit it to the ISC office at the end of each month.
  • Use your cell phones during practice time only for Video Feedback or emergency use.
  • Arrive on deck at swim meets 15 minutes before the start of warm up.
  • Use appropriate and respectful language when talking to swimmers, parents, co-workers, building staff and coaches and members of other clubs.
  • Preserve the dignity of each person in interacting with others.
  • Treat all ISC coaches and staff with respect.  Any concerns or complaints about any ISC coach or staff member should be discussed with the Director of Swimming and not with other coaches, staff, swimmers or members.  ISC will not tolerate gossip or criticism of coaches or staff outside a confidential discussion with the Director of Swimming.
  • Discussions about swimmers shall be professional and restricted to coaching and performance matters. 
  • Ensure that everyone is treated equally, regardless of age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, language, religion, athletic potential, gender identity, gender expression, sex, and sexual orientation.


  •  Ensure a safe teaching environment for ISS and Liaison programs.
  • Avoid placing athletes in situations presenting unnecessary risk or that are beyond their level



  • Notify parents of any cancelled practices as instructed by the Director of Swimming or a senior coach.
  • Remind parents of upcoming iRace or level-appropriate meets for their swimmer.
  • Answer parent questions to the best of your ability, or forward them to a more senior coach for clarification.
  • Coordinate the completion of performance reports, Certificates and Awards as needed for all programs.
  • Work with the Director of Swimming and other ISC coaches to transition swimmers from one group to another at appropriate times of the season.
  • Attend staff in-services throughout the year.
  • Copy the coach in charge of your program on e-mails that:
  1.  are addressed to your entire group and
  2.  e-mails to parents that deal with problems/issues within the group.
  • Ex: Communicating to your entire group about an upcoming competition (copy your supervising coach)
  • Ex: Responding to a parent about a bullying issue in the group (copy your supervising coach)
  • Ex: Responding to a parent on scheduling (no need to copy anyone


Equipment: The use of equipment during practice is a valuable tool. Have all equipment you intend to use ready before practice and put it away properly after practice. Improperly stored equipment tends to disappear.


Employment Obligations:

You are:

  • Responsible for finding an appropriate substitute coach if you are going to miss practice for personal or club reasons. You must notify the lead coach or immediate supervisor of the days you will be away and your substitute.
  • Hourly Coaches are required to submit daily hours worked in each two week pay period to the ISC office on or before the bi-weekly payroll deadline.
  • Salaried Coaches are required to submit bi-weekly hours worked each two week pay period to the ISC office by the bi-weekly payroll deadline.
  • Required to have an acceptable Criminal Record Check on file with the ISC office. You are responsible for the cost of your Criminal Record Check.
  • Submit any upgrade to qualifications or courses to the ISC office to be eligible for an incremental pay increase


Confidentiality Obligations:

During your employment at ISC, you may acquire information which is personal and confidential to ISC and its members, including but not limited to:

  • development and competitive swimming training program design; and
  • personal confidential and other information regarding all present and prospective members and related information, such as names, email addresses, birthdates and medical information.


Acknowledgments and Agreement:

By accepting this agreement:

I acknowledge receipt and review of the obligations and expectations set out in this Agreement.

I agree to abide by the expectations listed above.

I agree to treat confidentially all such information and agree not to disclose any such information to any person either during the term of my employment by ISC (except as may be necessary in the proper discharge of my employment obligations) or, at any time after the date of the termination of my employment.         

I agree to securely dispose of, or return, all personal information once it is no longer required for the discharge of my employment obligations or upon termination of my employment and notify the Director of Swimming within a reasonable time thereafter that this has been done and how it has been done.