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Registration & Membership Agreement
Applicable to: Swim Centre & Next Gen ISS Bronze Green Open Water Clinic #1 7:00 -7:30 Open Water Clinic #2 7:45 - 8:15 Blue ISS Silver Open Water Clinic #3 8:30 - 9:00 ISS Gold Black Provincial Conditioning & Technique Open Water Clinic #4 9:15 - 9:45 Senior CSI - Provincial Senior Performance CSI - Senior Varsity Fitness

Island Swimming Club Registration & Membership Agreement 2019 / 2020

The Membership Contract applies to all members equally and is intended to ensure all members understand their commitment to the operation and continued progress of Island Swimming Club (ISC).


The By-Laws of ISC provide that: 

5. (2) A Regular Member is either: 

  1. In the case of a swimmer under age 18, who is currently enrolled in the Society’s programs and for whom current Annual Membership Fees have been paid, any parent or guardian of the swimmer, or 
  2. In the case of a swimmer who has attained age 18, is currently enrolled in the Society’s program and who has paid current Annual Membership Fees, the swimmer. The swimmer may elect to appoint their parent or guardian to act on their behalf by notifying the Secretary, in writing, of this decision. 


In consideration of acceptance of my registration as a Member of ISC, I/we agree to the following:

  1. ISC terms of Membership as outlined in this agreement
  2. The ISC Participation Consent
  3. The ISC Volunteer Commitment Terms
  4. The Swim BC Swimmer Registration Consent
  5. The Swim BC Officials Registration Consent
  6. The Payment of all ISC, training, and other fees, and Swim BC fees as outlined below.

Registration is not guaranteed and swimmers are not able to enter the water until the following fees have been paid:

  1. Non-refundable Swim BC Registration. Fee based on age as of December 31, 2019.
    Pre-Competitive $47.00
    8 and Under $97.00
    9 & 10 $117.00
    11 - 14 $163.00
    Open (15 & Over) $205.00


  2. ISC Society Fee ($20 per family)

Fees and other Charges: (in addition to above)

  1. Training Fees:  Members will be charged training fees for each swimmer.  These fees are for facility use, coaching and related costs.  Training Fees are based on the training group that each swimmer is accepted into as advised upon registration. Training fees are based on weeks of training for a regular swim season. There are three payment options:
      1. in full at the start of the season, or;
      2. 9 automatic withdrawals (complete the ISC CAFT form) or post-dated cheques (for the first of each month from October 1, through to June 1), or;
      3. monthly by credit card, by completing the 2019/ 20 Credit Card Authorization Form.

If a swimmer moves up to a higher training group or to a new Swim BC registration level during the season, an adjustment to training fees will be made and the Member will be charged on the basis of the increased training fee and any additional fee for the Swim BC registration adjustment.


  • Other ISC fees such as the cost of meet entries, travel, club activites and equipment are not included in Training Fees. These will be billed to the member’s account.  ISC may require that all or part of these fees be paid in advance of travel or activities before swimmers will be permitted to participate.
  • Overdue Account Fees: Accounts overdue over 15 days from the date of the statement will automatically be charged interest at the rate of 3% per month (36% annually).
  • Volunteer Commitment Penalty: Members will be charged for failing to meet Volunteer Commitments as set forth in the Volunteer Policy.
  • Officials Training Obligation: Members must try to improve their officiating skill as outline in the volunteer Terms. Failure to do so may result in a $250 fine levied at the end of the swimming season. If issued, this fine must be paid prior to registering for the next swim season.

Volunteer Obligations:

ISC relies on Member Volunteers for significant management of ISC.  In addition, volunteer officials are required for ISC hosted meets, which provide a large portion of ISC’s income and reduce training fees.  Members are required to volunteer at a certain number of meets per season.  Members are also required to earn a specified number of basic Volunteer Participation Points.

The Volunteer Participation Points system will be used to determine a penalty or applicable family account rebate as outlined in the ISC Volunteer Policy. This amount will be charged or credited to your account during the season.

Swim BC Registration Consent Agreement and Withdrawal:

A Member who chooses to withdraw, either on behalf of themselves or their child/children, from ISC must provide written notice to the office (adminoffice@islandswimming.com). This notice must be received in the month prior to which the withdrawal will take place.

Privacy Policy:

The SwimBC Privacy Policy, as outlined in the Swim BC Swimmer Registration Consent and the Swim BC Officials Registration Consent, governs ISC and its Members

Media Permission:

Group photographs: Members consent to the posting or publication of Group photographs provided that individual swimmers are not identified. 

Members also consent to the posting of photographs of individual swimmers or their parents and siblings on the ISC website, bulletin boards, newsletters and related publications, and the inclusion of the names and achievements of swimmers with photographs or in team stories UNLESS a Member has withdrawn such consent in writing by notifying adminoffice@islandswimming.com. If such consent is withdrawn, the affected swimmer will not be permitted to participate in group or team photographs.